Our skilled professionals are the success of our program.

Being part of the school community is essential to our food service team in providing the best dining experience and customer service. Through understanding the taste of our diners, we enhance their daily food options and provide a comforting setting.

Building the best team for your community starts with our selective recruitment process to find the most talented professionals. Our staff is continually trained and educated with an emphasis on food, nutrition, allergen awareness, safety and sanitation.

All Managers, Chefs, and Sous Chefs are ServSafe certified by the American National Standards Institute and have successfully completed annual allergy awareness training through AllerTrain. 

Chef Manager Robert Lilley

Robert Lilley.jpg

Rob Lilley is proud to be Immaculate Heart Academy’s Chef Manager.  Rob earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and later attended The Culinary Institute of America where he earned an Associates degree in Culinary Arts.  Rob’s passion for culinary arts ignited during his part-time job in high school as a cook. There, he realized that he liked the immediate gratification of people enjoying food that he created.

Rob’s specialty is incorporating different spices to build complex flavor.  His favorite food is pizza. 

Rob loves being a part of the Immaculate Heart Academy community, and enjoys seeing how the students are interested and engaged in what they are eating in school.  He sees how he has a direct impact on what the students eat and can increase their knowledge about delicious and healthy foods. 

When not at Immaculate Heart Academy, Rob can be found spending time with his wife and son in their Northvale, New Jersey community.